Our Services

“Baguette & Co” is a school catering operator specializing in designing menus for kinder garden children, primary , secondary or university students.

We believe that “canteens” should be run like restaurants but with a strong commitment in terms of hygiene, nutritional values and of course they should be economical.

We encourage school administrations to provide professional commercial kitchen with adequate storage facilities on site in order for our trained employees to perform daily routine food production and with the greatest sense of hygiene and transparency.

Kitchen and service employees hired by us are dedicated entirely to a particular site in order to familiarize with the community of students and teachers.

“Baguette & Co” chefs are cooking Indonesian and western food with the best practices in terms of hygiene standards and all procedures are compliant with HACCP standards.

Every school institution differs from each other from the nationalities of their students but also from the way they manage or pay importance in the foodservice management. “ Baguette & Co” foodservice specialist will propose solutions in order to improve kitchen facilities and will come up with strategies of development that should inspire students to eat healthier and contribute in reinforcing the image of the school.