Baguette & Co School Food And Management Standards

Our People

  • Selected and Trained according to hotel standards
  • 90 % permanent employees on site
  • Chef and Floor leader on site

Our Menus

  • Daily Set menus rotation with Pre order system
  • Cafeteria Style depending on volume of covers
  • Selection of bakery and grab and go
  • Healthy Bar

Our Food

  • Prepared Fresh and cooked on site every day
  • All Left Overs discarded at the end of every operation day
  • With Butter and Olive Oil
  • No Margarine
  • Fried food on Fridays only
  • Home made cakes and desserts and Viennoiseries
  • Specialty cakes baked with canola oil
  • No confectionary chocolate or chocolate coated product
  • No industrial ice creams and sugar confectionery items
  • No MSG or flavor enhancer product in the kitchen
  • Healthier drinks with still or carbonated water and fresh fruit or milk or cacao powder combination
  • No Soft drinks