In a school and university environment, where values are taught, it appears crucial that students should consider Food as one of the most, if not the most important investment in life.

Indonesia is a developing country with a formidable wealth of natural resources but is still lacking in terms of infrastructure. Farmers are not yet optimizing their lands, due to a lack of financial resources and “know-how”. Consequently we, as consumers do not always have access to the best products everyday.

“Ready to Eat” foods is still the favorite for the majority of the middle class families. Indonesian food is no longer cooked the way ancestors did and the introduction of the fast food phenomenon through foreign franchises has accelerated the process of “disinformation” about what should be a balanced diet for the young generation.

Temptations are everywhere, in the streets and in shopping malls, and because of the natural tendency to eat fried and sweet or overly salted food everyday, natural tastes are corrupted, a situation aggravated by an invasion of confectionary products and flavors enhancers in many commercial eateries.

The young generation should be given the right to eat simple and tasty food everyday, without omitting the entertaining and sensual part of the meal experience.