About Us

“Baguette & Co” is a school catering company created in 2014, from the desire to serve the young generation of students in Indonesia, with meals that are simply cooked on site and more balanced.

“Baguette & Co “ is a professional foodservice operator which propose solutions for any school administration concerned about the way students are fed in a developing country like Indonesia, where standards of hygiene are still poor.

Gil D’Harcour, a French national, is the founder of “Baguette & Co” . He is a foodservice specialist who built a career in Indonesia since his professional debut in Indonesia in 1994, an internationally accredited foodservice consultant member of FCSI but also a conceptor, designer and operator of more than 30 different concepts in Indonesia over the last 20 years. Educated in Hotel Management in France, Gil has served meals for a multitude of consumers’ type and in environments that he designed himself, from the kitchen layout till the way we dress the plate.

Strong of its background in creating and running commercial eateries on independent sites, commercial centers or Hotels, he has learned that the strength of a particular restaurant concept lies actually in its mission and the message that it should convey to the guest.

“Baguette & Co” mission is clear, it is to educate our children in appreciating food on a daily basis in order to improve considerably their chance of academic success but most importantly to ensure that they get the energy and nutrition they need for their whole day.